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Shield your property from the relentless damage of termites with our expert termite control service in Kolkata. Termites, often silent invaders, can cause substantial harm to your home’s structure and belongings. Our specialized team employs advanced techniques and eco-friendly treatments to eradicate these pests thoroughly. We conduct a meticulous inspection to identify the extent of infestation and tailor our solutions accordingly, ensuring precise and effective control. With our prompt services, bid farewell to worries about termite-induced destruction. Protect your investment, preserve your peace of mind, and experience termite-free living. Trust us as your reliable termite control partner, delivering sustainable solutions and safeguarding your home’s integrity.

Why Pestster is different?

  • Oil based Spray Treatment
  • Present around the building, then holes of diameter 12 mm are drilled at distances of 300 mm
  • Chemical solution is pumped inside the holes.
  • Put in all holes choak & Sealing with white chemint
  • FREE Complaint Service
Termite control service

Why should you choose Pestster for a Termite Control Treatme?

  • 15 years of experience in pest control services
  • 100% safe & minimized use of synthetic chemicals
  • Scientifically designed service interventions
  • Hassle-free termite pest control with no need to empty your kitchen
  • Long-lasting and highly efficient termite control service that can be carried out at any time of the day
  • Services offered by hygiene experts with rich experience
  • Warranty backed service on AMC contract
Terms & Conditions
  • Efficacy will be effective post 15 days of service
  • Service needs to be taken within 30 days of the scheduled date
  • Important to maintain the hygiene of the kitchen for best effectiveness
  • Free insection is for sq.ft. above 3000